Good evening and welcome to the 2100 Net on this the {insert day and date}

This is {Name}. {Call Sign}, and I will be your net control for tonight.

Before proceeding with tonight's net, I am going to check for any stations that have emergency or priority traffic that need to use this repeater system. Emergency or priority traffic only, please call now. {Pause for 10 seconds} Hearing no emergency traffic, let's continue. If, at anytime there is emergency or priority traffic, please break in. This is a directed net and all traffic goes through your net control, and tonight that is {Call Sign}.

The 2100Net is a social, upbeat and friendly net where we share the events of our day with one another. This net is held every night on the Rim Link system at 9pm, otherwise known as 2100 hours local time, hence the name of the net. This net is made possible be the Arizona Repeater Association. The ARA operates a series of excellent repeaters throughout our state, with links to adjacent states.

We encourage you to visit their website at where you can find a lot of useful information, including all their repeater frequencies and systems. While your on the Internet, also check out the 2100net website at, where they have other links, including a live chat, as well as a live audio stream where you can listen to the net while away from your radio.

This net consists of two parts; the first part is the roll call. The roll call is a list of our regular check ins. I will then call for late missed or visitors. If I have not heard from your station in the last two roll calls, I will not call you; just simply check in again when I call for late, missed or visitors. I will make that call multiple times thought the net so we can get everyone in here.

Once I get though with the roll call, I then will start round two. That is where we give you a minute or two to tell us about your day. I do ask that you are mindful of that second round transmission length, as we have a number of check in's and we try to get everyone through their round two within the hour. If we get long winded, we will get the round table going after the net.

The question of the day is..........

Now, without further ado, lets get into tonight's roll call with {First Name On The List}.

Current list of Check-ins

Check first box when they check in.. Check second box when they talk in round 2...

N7UKY Roland
N7NNL Paulette
KD7AWW Alice
KF7SFG David
AE7DH Dwayne
K7CLH Cyndra
W1VBG Bill
KA7EQD John - Snow Bird
KF7DED Larry
W7TNA Paul
WB2MAA Richard
K7LRW John
AB7WP Roger
W7DGL Doug
W0WYW Jim Snow Bird
KE7EUL Travis
K7OU Jerry - Snow Bird
N7LP Lee
W7AMR Atilla
KG7WPD Gerrad
KI7CLA Brent
W7LYD Lydiann
W7CBG Charlie
NO7D Karen
W7RJV Randy
K7JOG Butch
K1FMK Frank
Add additional check ins by typing in their call and name

Net Control Stations. Do not call, they will check in at late or missed...
N7OXF Dale
WX7JM Josh
KI7S Mike
KG7VLF Jason
W7ORV Dave


I would like to thank all {number Of Check ins} of you for checking in with me tonight, without you out there, there is no net.

We would also like to thank the ARA for all the work they do behind the scenes keeping everything up and talking, so that we can do the same.

It is {24Hour Time}, I am going to return these repeaters and frequencies back to their normal amateur use.

This is {Call Sign}, and I am clear.

Want to be a Net Control Station for the 2100 Net??

The 2100 Net is always looking for stations that would like to take the Helm as Net Control. It is very different than being a check in. You will have fun interacting with every check in. It is a valuable experience. So, why not give it a try?? The Net Control stations are there to help you and you will find the Check ins very supportive. Everything you will need to run the net is on this page. Just follow along and when you are ready, let one of the Net Control Stations know that you want to give it a try and they will make it happen...

A Net Control Station should have the following....
  • One year as a Licensed Ham Radio Operator
  • 6 months as a 2100 Net Check in
  • Reliable VHF/UHF Base Station.
  • Capability of accessing at least 2 RimLink Repeaters
  • Emergency Traffic Experience

Updated June 5, 2016