Visit the 2100 Net each night at 9PM MST. The 2100 Net is a Social, Upbeat and Friendly Net where we share the events of our day with each other..There are several Net Control Operators each with a unique style and voice to keep it interesting.. Please stop by and Check-In.. Until you do, you are a friend we have not met yet..

Net Control Stations

Josh - WX7JEM

Joe - AE7JG
Tuesday & Friday

Bill - W1VBG

Dale - N7OXF
Thursday & Sunday

They take turns on Saturday

Maricopa County
New Hams Net

Thursdays at 7PM
442.800+ PL 100.0

Background Picture

AE7JG's Ham Shack
ARA Rimlink Repeaters

Greens Peak
146.720- PL 162.2
448.375- PL 100.0

Mt. Ord
147.360+ PL 162.2

Mt Elden
147.140+ PL 162.2

Pinal Peak
147.200+ PL 162.2
927.4125- PL 151.4

Smith Peak
443.775+ PL 100.0

Shaw Butte
442.850+ PL 100.0

Local Ham Radio


The Shack

This month the "Shack" is featured.... As nice as these are, I bet they all started out like this.
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